Who We Are

Juvenil.in – an apparel sourcing and exporting company – Tirupur, INDIA.  As an asec, we offer sourcing and exporting of ready to wear – a chain between customers and local production units in India, an approach that is tailored made to each customer’s need. Juvenil.in, acts as a single point contact to manage the production of garments in India.


Innovation in design and development

Speed to market

Geared to handle smaller quantities

Cross functional expertise


 We provide 360 degree solutions in design, product development, cost negotiations, manufacturing, quality, vendor training and logistics

Our Fabrics


Juvenil.in – with more than a decade of experience , professionalism, and a creative approach. We offer exceptional apparel supply chain service that delivers the best of every stage from sample – product development, sourcing, and execution. Throughout every product cycle, we focus and stay constantly up-to-date on seasonal trends and stand by our commitment to great services, competitive pricing, quality products and reliable delivery.


Our full-service accessories division brings you a world of sourcing opportunities from the most dynamic emerging markets. A talented team of international specialists helps you generate original ideas to achieve exceptional results


We are on top of the latest trends in both home and lifestyle products, and offer a comprehensive service that covers design, development, sourcing and quality control.


Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of attention to detail at every stage from pre-production to shipping. Up to a third of our employees are dedicated to ensuring that we deliver only the highest quality products. We have well-trained Quality Assurance teams linked with mobile technology to ensure the highest level of inspection efficiency in all our partner production resources.

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